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Hi, I’m Robert Steinborn! I have 23 years of experience in the Plumbing and HVAC industry. I have worked on many LEED-certified projects both residential and commercial.

I pride myself on making plumbing and HVAC systems as beautiful as they can be. Concentrating on being symmetrical and clean. The mechanical room should be as neat and well-ordered as the rest of your home.

I love to keep up with the latest in HVAC and Plumbing technology. Striving to make your home better and more efficient is my passion.

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New installation and repairs. Residential and commercial. Propane and natural gas lines.


New construction and renovations. Both residential and commercial.

Tankless Water Heaters

Residential and


Commercial and residential repairs on plumbing and HVAC.

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BC Certified Red Seal Plumber and Gasfitter with 23 Years of experience.

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“Dear Mr. Steinborn, I want to take a moment to thank you and acknowledge the incredible job you did for my family and I. I understand completely the complexities of undertaking a job that was a combination of timber frame and balloon frame construction. You’ve exceeded my expectations in the installation, quality of workmanship, and professionalism that your family exude. The final project is a complete success. I welcomed your recommendations as the project went along, and our working relationship helped to achieve a wonderful end product. In short, I just wanted to recognize your great job and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Peter McDonald, President Broad Base Construction

Frequently asked questions

Find the main shut-off valve for your whole home. It is vital as a homeowner to know where this is; each house is different. Shut off the main valve and call us. We will try to make sure to be there as soon as possible.

There are several variables. The age of your furnace could be an indicator. An older furnace will last way longer. Are your ducts and unit sized correctly for the size of your home? These are significant factors in deciding if you need a replacement. We will do our best to keep what you have and make repairs as needed. Not all furnaces need replacing.

For sure! Today’s modern homes are sealed extremely tightly and this helps efficiency but can decrease air quality. This definitely makes air quality a concern. The government standards for building do not address air quality and particulate matter, so many home owners need to look after this for themselves. We can help with this. There are many solutions that can be added to your home to ensure maximum oxygen and lower particulate air pollution. These newer products can raise the air quality of your home.

To answer that correctly, you must decide what your hot water needs are. Do you use a large amount of hot water daily or are your needs minimal? Tankless water heaters take up less space, but will they suit the layout of your house? We can discuss all options at a free quote appointment.

An electric tank water heater can develop a significant build-up of mineral debris in the bottom of their tanks. This build-up over time can cause the tank to hold less water, and causes the elements to burn out quicker. This can be remedied depending on the age and type of tank that you have. A gas hot water tank can develop the same issues with mineral debris. A gas hot water heater will lose efficiency as it will not be able to heat both the mineral build up the hot water above. Your tank will begin to have cooler and cooler water as the gas burner has to heat the water through the mineral debris. So you will have less and less hot water. A few other minor fixes can be done to extend the life of a hot water tank and make it, so you have more hot water.

Some of our plumbing and HVAC work

Saving your money with efficient plumbing technologies

We strive for innovation and quality in everything we do! Having the correct and efficient plumbing and heating technology can be a huge cost savings.